Our New Website is Coming Soon

Railfan Models is a new company focused on providing the most accurate and detailed HO scale models of historical and unique rolling stock in use today.  Our main focus will be producing models of business and passenger cars from Class 1 and Regional railroads, Museums, and Tourist organizations.  In addition to fully assembled models, we also plan to produce upgrade parts you can use to make locomotives and cars from other manufacturers you may already own look more like the real prototype.

From time to time, we will also produce unique freight cars that catch the eye of many railfans, and our first family of products offered will be heavy duty flat cars built and operated by Kasgro Rail Corporation.  In production now, the first fully assembled and decorated model is the 325 Ton, 12 Axle, 36’ depressed center flat car.  All 4 prototype road numbers will be available with or without removable loads.  Below is an engineering prototype that does not include any markings or all of the parts on a production model.

Some of the features of these cars are 125 Ton trucks with 38″ painted and semi-scale metal wheelsets, painted Kadee semi-scale Whisker® couplers, flexible hoses where used on the prototype, wire grab irons, car number specific features, embedded magnets to hold loads in place, “as-delivered” and factory “weathered” versions using Tru-Color paints.  The “weathered” versions also include rust patches where steel brackets securing loads have been removed.

All of our products are manufactured in America, using domestic and globally sourced material, which helps to keep total time from concept to shipping finished product to a minimum.  Unlike the industry trend, we plan to continue accepting orders for and manufacturing each individual product as long as there is demand.

In addition to industry leading levels of detail, our models are designed with operation in mind, and incorporate user friendly features.  Examples on passenger cars include: roofs held in place by magnets allowing easy access to the interior without tools, on select cars all of the sliding side doors can be moved into any position without tools, and select cars have upper vestibule doors in the open position.  When exterior lighting exists on prototype cars, and on all power (generator) cars, our models will include factory equipped pre-programmed DCC and Sound decoders with speakers.  These are just a few features that set our cars apart from anything else commercially available.

Our products will only be available for purchase from this website.  The full version of the website will be up and running when the Kasgro 12-axle flat cars mentioned above are ready to ship, which we expect to be in mid-March 2019.

Thank you for your interest and be sure to check back with us soon.