Kasgro 370 Ton, 12 Axle, 48′ Straight Deck Heavy Duty Flat Car

The second car in our Kasgro series of heavy duty flat cars and a generator load shown below are now available in kit form.  A very limited qty of fully assembled and painted cars with generator load are also available. 


Union Pacific Lynn Nystrom

We delayed the release the kit to make improvements and additional features to the trucks.  The trucks will feature the full interior frame, brake beam and calipers.  While we want to get the kit into production, the short delay will be worth it.  A limited quantity of fully assembled cars will be available by late November.

The Lynn Nystrom will be the first of the 50 cars we plan to produce that are currently assigned to the Union Pacific Steam Program and Heritage Fleet.  Railfan Models passenger cars feature details and features second to none.  Plan to be blown away.  Way better than brass, but much more affordable!  Full details will be on the Products page soon.

Please note the picture above is using the trucks before the redesign.

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OKC Train Show, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – December 7-8

Dallas Area Train Show, Plano, Texas – January 18-19

 OMRA, Springfield, Missouri – March 21


Paducah & Louisville 3-car Business Car Set, which includes the Bluegrass 1, Bluegrass 2 and Power Car.

Union Pacific Art Lockman and Howard Fogg

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