Are you Red ‘n’ Ready?

Introducing the first HO scale kit in our KASGRO series of specialty flat cars.

The 325 Ton, 12 Axle, 36′ Depressed Center Flat Car

Kasgro Rail Corporation operates a large fleet of specialty flatcars to haul very large and/or heavy loads, which can be seen in use all over the US.  As our first kit release, Railfan Models is offering the Kasgro 325 Ton, 12 Axle, 36′ Depressed Center Flat Car.  Two different transformer kits are also offered separately.

The KASGRO name, Red ‘n’ Ready slogan, and KRL reporting marks are used by permission from Kasgro Rail Corporation.

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Available now.

Upgrade Diaphragm for Walthers Cars

The majority of passenger cars in use today by railroad and many other organizations use tube diaphragms instead of the original sprung plate diaphragms used on the Walthers cars.  If you are using Walthers cars to model cars in use today, the Railfan Models Diaphragms are easy upgrades you can do to make it look more like the prototype you are modeling.


Kasgro 370 Ton, 12 Axle, 44′ Straight Deck Heavy Duty Flat Car

This car is close to being ready for kit production with only a few items to be completed.  A generator load will also be available separately at the time the car is released.  Below is a picture of the engineering sample.

Union Pacific Lynn Nystrom

This car is also close to being ready for production.  The Lynn Nystrom will be the first of the 50 cars we plan to produce that are currently assigned to the Union Pacific Steam Program and Heritage Fleet.  Railfan Models passenger cars feature details and features second to none.  Plan to be blown away.  Way better than brass, but much more affordable!  Below is a glimpse of a kit with painted parts.


Paducah & Louisville 3-car Business Car Set, which includes the Bluegrass 1, Bluegrass 2 and Power Car.

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