Many people today in the US ride on excursion trains open to the public by railroads and museums, take pictures and video of those trains, “chase” those trains, or any combination of the aforementioned.  Some of these people are also model railroaders, and try to model what they have ridden on, or what they see trackside.

There are also some really interesting and unique modern freight cars that have not been produced before.

Unfortunately, these markets have been under-served.  While some very expensive brass models have been produced in the past for only a few large railroads, nothing has been commercially available for the average modeler.  Today there are many passenger cars available from several manufacturers, but they all represent cars as they entered service in the 1950’s or earlier, or represent Amtrak or commuter trains of the past 20 or 30 years.  Modelers have been relegated to scratch-building or modifying existing cars in the marketplace to look like cars do today.  Some modelers are not confident in their skills and do not attempt to model their favorite train or cars. That has now changed.

Railfan Models is focused on providing the most accurate and detailed HO scale models of historical and unique rolling stock in use today.  Our main focus will be producing models of business and passenger cars from Class 1 and Regional railroads, Museums, and Tourist organizations.  We also produce upgrade parts you can use to make locomotives and cars from other manufacturers you may already own look more like the real prototype does today.  And from time to time, we will produce unique freight cars in use today that catch the eye of many railfans.

We are passionate Railfans ourselves, having ridden on many mainline and museum excursion trips.  We are also passionate model railroaders, and appreciate the innovation and growing variety offered by the model railroad industry today.  Our professional background is in manufacturing mechanical, cable, and electronic assemblies.  Railfan Models is the culmination of 22 years in manufacturing combined with passion for model railroading, and a passion for the historical and unique equipment used by today’s railroad operators.

In addition to industry leading levels of detail, our models are designed with operation in mind, and incorporate user friendly features to assist owners in accurately depicting today’s unique freight cars and Excursion and Business trains on their model railroads.