KASGRO 245 Ton, 8 Axle, 50′ Depressed Center, Heavy Duty Flat Car


Kasgro rosters 10 of these 50′ Straight Deck cars which have a 245 Ton capacity.  They ride on Four 125 Ton trucks with 38″ wheels, and carry a variety of loads.  


We have received numerous requests for some smaller cars that would work better on club layouts, so here is our first 8 Axle offering.  Below are some pre-production photos of an incomplete car.  We are working to have the kit ready for sale by late 2023.  As with all our kits, everything will be included except glue and paint.

The initial load offered will be a shrink-wrapped marine diesel commonly seen on the prototype cars.  A second load will be announced later this year.