KASGRO 340 Ton, 12 Axle, 32′ Depressed Center, Heavy Duty Flat Car

The 340320-340328 series of cars are predecessors to the KRL 300360-300363 series cars, which were the first cars we produced.  The two series are very similar but do differ in deck length, width, and height.  The main differences between the two cars can be seen in the photo below.  The new 340320 series center deck is in the foreground.

Our HO scale model measures 15” long and will run on curves down to 20” radius, with or without a load, and remain stable.  Please note that this model and load will not always meet the NMRA clearance standards.  A good rule-of-thumb is if an 89′ autorack car runs fine on the track, then this car and load will probably be OK.

In addition to the accuracy of the model, we also wanted it to run like a champ.  Considerable time has gone into developing and testing the span bolsters and trucks.  We wanted the car to be easy to place on the track, and a car that performs well on less than perfect track so you can enjoy watching your car as it passes by.

The car is available in two styles – with and without the Shear Blocks in the transition areas.  Road number 340320 does not have Shear Blocks, while 340323 and 340325 have the Shear Blocks.

Additional pictures of 340320 are below.  Pictures of 340323/5 will be added at a later date.

The model is currently available as a kit only.  The kit assembles easily and includes everything you need to complete the car other than CA glue, paint, and a few hand tools.  A complete list of features and details are listed below.

Kit Features

  • Strong polymer plastic body, end platforms, and span bolsters
  • 125 Ton Trucks with bearing points already “tuned”
  • Truck sideframes use metal springs already installed
  • 38″ Semi-scale Metal Wheelsets
  • Stainless Steel Grab Irons and Levers
  • Kadee “Scale” Whisker ® couplers
  • Brake System Details
  • Masking templates for painting the white areas on the car
  • Fully assembled car weighs approximately 7.3 oz empty
  • Car body includes two magnets to secure loads on the depressed center deck (loads sold separately)
  • Span Bolsters have limited travel to aid placing in the box and placing on the track
  • Will negotiate curves down to 20 inches without derailing or losing stability with or without a load
  • Custom Micro Scale Decals with road numbers 340320, 340323, and 340325
  • Reflective tape from Smokebox Graphics
  • Box with custom foam inserts to store and transport your assembled model safely

KRL 340320 Kit – $215

KRL 340323/340325 Kit – $220

To purchase any of our products, please send an email to info@railfanmodels.com stating the product(s) you want and provide your shipping address.  We will send you a PayPal invoice with the product(s) and shipping total.  US domestic orders will ship USPS First Class or Priority mail if over 16 oz.  For international orders, we will provide you a quote using USPS International Mail, or Fed Ex/UPS if you prefer those carriers, prior to sending the PayPal invoice.  As we tend to have a backlog of orders, we will provide you the estimated ship date at the time of your request.

Loads are sold separately.  Loads designed for the 340 Ton cars:

Transformer 3

Transformer 4