KASGRO 400 Ton, 16 Axle, 40′ Depressed Center, Heavy Duty Flat Car


For the first time in the hobby, Railfan Models presents the HO scale, 400 Ton, 16 axle depressed deck flat car.  The prototype car is almost 149’ long and rides on eight 100 ton trucks with 36” wheels.  The depressed deck measures 40’ long by 9′ wide .  There are 7 cars in this series to date, with road numbers KRL 164000 through 1640006.  Manufacturing began in 2014 and wrapped up in 2019.  These cars are kept busy hauling large gas turbines and transformers.

All of the cars are painted red and owned by Kasgro with the exception of 164000, which is painted a light blue as shown below and owned by UTC Overseas.


There are many long thin parts with this car, so each of the 6 span bolsters and the car body are designed with metal plates imbedded inside to provide plenty of stiffness.  Like our previous 12 axle cars, magnets are also embedded in the lower deck to hold loads securely to the deck.  Loads will be sold separately and announced at a later date.

Our model measures an impressive 20 ¾ inches between the coupler faces.  With a car this long, the overhang in curves is more pronounced than our 12 axle cars.  While this car is capable of negotiating 24” radius curves without issue, it will look much better on broader curves.  On double track curves with 3 inch spacing, the car has no issues passing cars on the adjacent track.

As with all our models, this car will be offered assembled and as a kit.  Kits are $275 and include everything you need to complete the car as shown above except paint, glue and a few hand tools.  While there are 7 cars in the series, our decal sheet could only hold 5 car numbers.  Each car has the road number on both sides of each truck, one side of each span bolster and 4 places on the body for a total of 26 decals just for the road numbers.

Kit Features

  • Strong polymer plastic body, end platforms, and span bolsters
  • Span bolsters and body have metal plate embedded
  • Body has magnets embedded to secure loads  (loads sold separately)
  • Span bolsters have limited travel to aid placing on the track
  • Brake System Details
  • Stainless Steel Grab Irons and Levers
  • Kadee “Scale” Whisker ® couplers
  • Smooth running 100 Ton Trucks
  • 36″ Semi-scale Metal Wheelsets
  • Masking templates for painting the white areas on the car
  • Fully assembled car weighs approximately 9.4 oz empty
  • Will negotiate curves down to 24 inches without derailing or losing stability with or without a load
  • Custom Micro Scale Decals with road numbers 164000 through 164004
  • Reflective tape from Smokebox Graphics

Assembled Cars

There are several new cars we want to produce soon, therefore we will have to limit the number of assembled cars to 20.  Assembled cars are $425.  For numerous reasons, the assembled car will ship as 3 separate sub-assemblies in 2 boxes.  Each sub-assembly will be painted and decorated.  Final assembly will be easy and consists of joining each span bolster assembly to the body with a screw.  Assembled cars will be limited to road numbers 164001 through 164004 in the red paint scheme.


Two different loads are available seperately.  The first is a GE Gas Turbine that is shrink wrapped and mounted on a cradle.  GE has leased 164001 and 164002 long term for shipping some of their gas turbines.  The second load is a Royal Smit Transformer.

How to get yours?

We are working on production parts at this time.  Some of the material is slow to arrive so deliveries will be late 2021.  Kits will be available shortly afterward.

Deposits are being accepted for both assembled cars and kits.  The deposit amount is $125 for the kit and $225 for assembled.  If you would like to purchase this car, please send an email to info@railfanmodels.com with “400 Ton Kasgro Deposit” in the subject line.  Tell us if you want the assembled car or the kit.  We will send you a PayPal invoice for the deposit amount.

When the cars are ready to ship, you will be sent a second PayPal invoice for the remaining amount and shipping.  After that invoice is paid, the car will ship.

If you make a deposit, but are not able to complete the purchase when the car is ready to ship, the deposit will be refunded.  Please email if you have any questions about the car or the deposit process.