Are you using Walthers Proto passenger cars to represent your favorite prototype in use today?  Chances are that the modern day car uses tube diaphragms instead of the plate type standard on the Walthers car.

Our replacement tube diaphragms are available as a single pair, or in a bulk pack of 20, with Black, Grey, and Silver bases to match almost every paint scheme in service today.  All diaphragms come assembled as shown above.  The tubing is flexible and the existing Walthers couplers will work on curves down to about 28-30 inches.  For tighter curves, you may need to use a long shank coupler. 

Just remove the existing plate diaphragm from your Walthers Proto car, then glue your new tube diaphragms in place with a small amount of medium CA.  The base of the diaphragm is available in Black, Silver, and UP Grey.

You can have your modernized passenger car looking right in about 20 minutes!