Boeing 777 Covered Well Car

Boeing had 16 well cars with canopies built to safely transport sections of the 777 aircraft built in Wichita, Kansas to the final assembly plant in Everett, Washington.  These cars have been seen on BNSF and MRL trains since 1993 and will continue to be used as long as the B777 remains in production.  With the new 777X in the testing phase, production is likely to continue for the forseeable future.  Four more cars were built in 2012 to increase capacity, bringing the total number of cars in use to 20.

Everything about this car is BIG.  The top of the canopy is 20 feet and 1 inch above the railhead, and the width of the car is 12 feet 8 inches.  More information on this car and the B777 components carried can be found in the book Shipping Planes on Trains Volume 4 by Andrew Klamka.

All of the numerous features if this car are captured in our HO scale model.  Minimum radius curve is 22” but keep in mind this is a very wide car and it will not always meet the NMRA clearance standards.  A good rule-of-thumb is if an 89′ autorack car runs fine on your track, then this car will most likely run as well.

The model is produced as a kit that assembles easily and includes everything you need to complete the car other than CA glue, paint, and a few hand tools.  A complete list of features and details are listed below.  Kits can be purchased below, while fully assembled cars will be available exclusively through Spring Creek Model Trains.

Not a kit builder?  Fully assembled and painted models are available through Spring Creek Model Trains.  The button below will take you to their website.

Kit Features

  • Strong polymer plastic body and detail parts – 63 individual parts
  • Full brake system, piping, and ladder details
  • Both Well Body types offered (specific to road number)
  • Kadee Trucks with 33″ wheels and mounting screws
  • Kadee “Scale” Whisker ® couplers with mounting screws
  • Stainless Steel Grab Irons and Support Brackets
  • Etched metal Walkways and Coupler Cut Levers
  • Circus City Decals with 16 road numbers available
  • Reflective tape from Smokebox Graphics
  • Box with custom foam inserts to store and transport your assembled model safely

Fully Assembled Model Features (in addition to all of the Kit features)

  • Tru-Color Paint
  • Painted Wheelsets
  • White trim paint on brake pipe handles and coupler cut levers
  • All decals and reflective tape applied