The majority of loads requiring the use of 12 axle flat cars are products required by the power generation and distribution industry.  They include Transformers, Reactors, Generators, Gas Turbines, and some small to mid-sized Steam Turbines.  Transformers and Reactors range is size and weight significantly, some small enough that only a 4 axle heavy duty flat car will suffice, but can be large and heavy enough to require cars with 20 axles or more.  Generators typically ship on cars with 12 to 20 axles, and Gas Turbines use 12 and 16 axle cars.  The high pressure sections of steam turbines can be seen on cars with 12 to 20 axles.

The remainder of loads used on 12 axle cars are mostly for the petro-chemical industry.  These can include boilers/steam generators, heat exchangers, and reaction towers.

Transformers and Reactors

There are at least six major manufacturers of transformers and reactors used in North America.  While each manufacturer has standard features and designs, most of the products are custom designed to fit the requirements of each installation.  Some transformers are of the step-up or step down type, while others perform phase shifting.  These are just some of the factors that contribute to many different looks and styles of similar sized products.

 Lesser know are Reactors.  They are used to limit the short circuit currents which can cause damage to the equipment of a power system.  They can also be used to help modulate a power system under a light load, like in the middle of the night when power demand is at its lowest.  They are built in a similar method to transformers and look nearly the same as transformers.

Gas Turbines

There are just two major manufacturers, GE and Siemens.  The turbines are usually shrink wrapped in plastic to prevent contamination inside the turbine during shipment.  They are also mounted to cradles, which in turn are secured (welded) to the car deck.  Turbine design doesn’t lend to much difference between manufacturers, especially when they are shrink wrapped, but the manufacturers use different cradles, which is the best way to tell them apart.  


Again, there are just two major manufacturers, GE and Siemens.  The companies have vastly different designs which can be easily identified.


Railfan Models offers a variety of loads that specifically match our Kasgro heavy duty flat cars.  All loads are sold as kits, and most are easy to assemble in just a few minutes.  The bottom already has the weight (if used) and magnets installed.  So you just have to glue the sides to the bottom, the roof to the sides, add a few smaller detail parts, then paint.  Every effort has been made in designing the parts so they fit together precisely and are keyed so they only fit the correct way.  Detail parts which are a separate color are usually separate pieces to make painting easier.

The following HO Scale Kits are used specifically with the 325 Ton Depressed Center Car:


Measures 4.86″ Long, 2.49″ Tall, and 1.9″ Wide.  23 separate parts.  Assembly time – 15 min.


Measures 4.98″ long, 1.91″ Tall, and 1.73″ Wide.  19 separate parts.  Assembly time – 15 min.


Measures 5.41″ long, 2.40″ Tall, and 2.04″ Wide.  66 separate parts.  Assembly time – 90 min.



Measures 5.42″ long, 2.24″ Tall, and 1.72″ Wide.  25 separate parts.  Assembly time – 35 min.


Measures 4.97″ long, 2.26″ Tall, and 1.78″ Wide.  31 separate parts.  Assembly time – 30 min.


Measures 5.04″ long, 2.43″ Tall, and 2.02″ Wide.  37 separate parts.  Assembly time – 30 min.


Measures 5.48″ long, 2.18″ Tall, and 1.89″ Wide.  23 separate parts + shrink wrap.

This is a Fully Assembled load.

The following HO Scale Kits are used specifically for the 340 Ton Depressed Center Car:


Measures 4.62″ long, 2.4″ Tall, and 2.02″ Wide.  17 separate parts.  Assembly time – 25 min.

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The following HO Scale Kits are used specifically for the 370 Ton Straight Deck Car:


Measures 5.375″ long, 1.75″ Tall, and 2.1″ Wide.  22 separate parts.  Assembly time – 30 min.



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